What men want, or so they think?

We have been in lockdown 4.2 for a while now, and there shall be no mingling for quite some time. These strange times have seen us all forced into taking the pace of life down a notch. It’s like the Gods all conspired against the human race and decided to put us in time-out for our shenanigans.  

In this new normal where dating someone has become a distant dream, chatting online has really picked up. Must be hard on men who struggle to communicate with words at the best of times! But it works well for someone like me, single after 15 years, with no idea about what men want, beyond the obvious of course!

For simple creatures that men claim to be, are they really that simple? I am no expert on the intricacies of the mind that is male but connecting with someone was so much easier back in my 20’s! Now, it feels like I am traversing through multiple labyrinths simultaneously trying to find my way in a man’s world! Are we allowed to ask men out yet, I mean it is 2020? Is it okay to let them pay for my coffee, or is that too 70’s? 

Some blokes love to talk so much, they share every painful detail about what they are getting up to through the day, whilst there are some like Edward, who will go weeks without any contact and then start a conversation with “Hey, are you watching this new cooking show on channel 7?” No Edward, I am not, I don’t really watch tv, and Hello to you too!  

What I find most amusing is that almost all of them share their deepest fears, insecurities or frustrations with such ease with a total stranger. This one guy shared with me how he doesn’t like to take selfies because to do that he would have to look at himself, and each time he does that, he is reminded of all his stuff ups. Edward who I think is gorgeous can’t stop telling me how scruffy he is compared to how I look (fact, but scruffy Edward is cute)! Another one said most men don’t smile in photos as they are trying hard to look macho! 

All you lovely men out there, stop overthinking, and just be happy! When you are happy, it will come through your photos, your interactions, your smiles, and you will attract to you just the right people, who like you for who you are! I know this might sound like gypsy talk, but it really is physics. 

Be the simple creatures you claim to be, shrug away that weight of having to be the stronger, unfazed gender in the equation, accept your flaws, because your women will adore you for those very flaws! Accept yourselves as you are, and live in the now, experience the emotions you feel! 

And, for goodness sake, communicate! Just say it! What’s the worst that could happen? 

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I am still trying to work out what I am about, this blog is my journey!

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