Get into Bunnings ladies!

Disclaimer – This blog post represents my inabilities to understand anything tools of trade and is not meant to be a view of women in general. I know some really cool tradeswomen who are still trying to educate me on the difference between a socket wrench and a torque wrench! All power to these women who ace power tools!

Its been almost a year since the separation, and I have been procrastinating buying tools and other handy(wo)man stuff that one needs around the house. Besides, I hate buying practical, useful things, it is so boring and taxing for my poor soul! But there are cobwebs on the walls and the windowpanes need a wash, so yesterday I went to Bunnings to buy a list of items the house desperately needs. I was in my faded shorts and a tee and did not even bother to change out of my thongs! But it is Bunnings, so dress code isn’t a priority!

It was a very overwhelming trip as I walked aisle to aisle, looking for the mundane items on my list!

Whilst in the tools section, where I probably looked like a total tool searching for a right angle corner clamp I needed to fix the ply that’s coming off the cornices in my kitchen, this man walked by and I just did my usual smile and hey! He then came back and said – “I am not following you around by the way, I have legitimate reason to be in the sections you are visiting”. That made me giggle, because until then I had not even noticed that he may or may not have been in the same aisles as me. So, I just said “That’s fine, I will let you follow me around if you help me find a right-angle corner clip”. That got me a strange look and led to a discussion on whether I even needed that item. We ended up getting me nails and a hammer to do the job instead. He then asked me if I would like to get a coffee! And because I am never not awkward, I blurted out, “Yeah, it would be great, but I have already had a coffee!” Great way to kill a potential hook up, I know! So that was that, and the lovely man said goodbye and left.

Then off I went to find myself some pliers and precision screwdrivers, which took another hour to find because there are so many options! I was about to have a panic attack when my rescuer – a very attractive man with the most beautiful green eyes grinned at me and asked what I was looking for because it looked like I was making a life and death decision standing there!

Well sir! It did feel like I was going to go into a coma from looking for a set of precision screwdrivers! We got chatting about my needs (tools, although I would have happily discussed my other needs with this attractive man), and he helped me pick the Stanley 66-052 6 pce Precision Screwdriver Set. We got talking about what we each did for a living. On dating sites, I normally tell men I work in a call centre, because I have found telling them I am a Strategist does not get me any points. My dating profiles literally say, “I get by”!

But I just told this lovely man – Tim, what I do for work, he told me he is a CEO of some construction company and we shared stories about goal setting and challenges COVID had caused for leaders in every single business in regards to future proofing and capital preservation. He asked me if I would perhaps offer him some advice on writing his strategic plan over coffee and took my number! It was not lost on me that he did not really need my help, but it is very hard to say no to a beautiful man who looks at you with such earnest brilliant green eyes pretending to need your help! So, I am looking forward to a strategy over coffee meeting with a handsome stranger I met at Bunnings!

Then on my way out as I carried a step ladder on my shoulder and a telescopic mop in the other hand to the car, another man stopped by to chit chat and asked me if I needed a hand putting my, erm mop in the car… and we chatted about what my plans for the rest of the day were and if I really wasn’t so exhausted from the overwhelming shopping day at a hardware store, I would probably have taken him up on his offer to buy me a coffee because as he put it, – I looked like I could use one! But I politely declined and got back home.

Seriously, I am getting off Tinder and getting on Bunnings! There might be something to it! May be Bunnings should start a Date at Bunnings over a sausage roll day! Okay I know that sounds terrible, maybe they can skip out the sausage roll part!

Who knew a mundane trip to a hardware store would end up being one of the best days of the week for me! I came back with an inflated ego, feeling like a beautiful, desirable woman, my faith in me restored!

I am definitely getting into Bunnings and am going to make sure I need a box of nails, or a screwdriver every week! Might even make an effort to look less like a homeless person next time, although from the look of things, it was not required!

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