Love or not to love!

We live in a world where movies and social media influence what we eat, how we look, and even how we should feel. The undiluted stimuli in the information age have made our outlook to simple joys of life so jaded that when someone reaches out to us, we mistrust; when we feel love for someone, we build walls, hence spending our lives being miserable about potential misery!

I walked my kid to kinder today, and along the way, as he always does, he collected heaps of feathers, leaves and rocks for me and kept handing them to me as presents! As I watched his rosy cheeks with that constant sunny smile on his face as he handed me these gifts, all I saw was the love he felt for me, and the absoluteness of his love was enough for him to know that I appreciate those gifts, and for me to feel blessed to be the receiver of this pure love that expects nothing back!

It was a reminder for me to learn to feel the love I do just because it makes me happy to feel it for someone. Love is not a barter, it is a feeling and feelings are not required to be rational, measured, or calculated! It is sometimes reciprocated, and at times it is not, but the fear of what lies on the other side shouldn’t discourage us from giving it a go.

The learning from my walk today stayed with me, as I decided to pull down another wall, emptied the moat, and decided to let the warmth of love embrace me! We don’t stop ourselves from cuddling someone’s cute puppy, or from drooling over a little baby for the fear of them rejecting our love! In that moment, we just feel pure love for them, and share ourselves with them, making ourselves richer with emotion and warmth as we share it. Why then stop ourselves from sharing the same feelings with someone we adore or love, or may fall in love with?

Why let the fear of something that may never happen keep us from not giving a chance to something that might? We get one life, and we can spend it in what-ifs, or we can risk it all and give ourselves a chance!

I am a gambler, and I will always take a chance on life, because isn’t that what we are here for?

With these thoughts in mind, as I sip my lemon ginger tea on this not so summery February night, I have decided to shed my inhibitions one at a time.

I want it all, the love, the passion, the potential heart breaks! I want to feel it all, and I want to live! I want the butterflies in my stomach, the first kiss again, the looks of passion, and the reassurance of strong arms around me when the thunder threatens a peaceful slumber!

I will chance heartbreaks, or the ignominy of being ignored, because at least I will have felt, I will have lived!

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I am still trying to work out what I am about, this blog is my journey!

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