Because he is Peter Pan

He will talk endlessly about his accomplishments, detail out everything and everyone that makes him a bit grumpy, and get all starry eyed telling me about how he rescued an animal or scored a goal!
But he won’t respond to anything I say that might mean accepting that he feels anything at all!

He didn’t even touch me once, and I fell in love with his beautiful, sad eyes!

This man, whose favourite book is the time traveller’s wife, who once asked me if he could wear thongs to my house for dinner, and wants to make love on ice… but doesn’t want to connect, because he is PeterPan.

He wants to be loved, wanted and understood without any thought for the mark he leaves on others’ souls with his frivolous ways!

Oh so selfish PeterPan, taking it all without asking, giving nothing, knowing full well you ought to, for you have pretend pirates to slay and live in the pretence of perpetual youth!

For he is PeterPan, and adventures must life be, as much as I adore that little boy in him, I must let him go, for, I am no Wendy!

Spring will come soon, and flowers will bloom, but I won’t be visiting to help spring clean your heart PeterPan! May you find whoever and whatever it is you desire!

Published by Runningmum

I am still trying to work out what I am about, this blog is my journey!

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