My love affair with sunshine

COVID19 is a terrible virus that has brought the world down on its knees, but in some ways, it has changed our lives for the better. I have so much more free time now than I ever did in my whole adult life because there are so many non-essentials that I just cannot do anymore.

I spent my winter arvos sitting on the balcony, soaking up that gorgeous sun as the wind caressed my face. This enforced solitude has rekindled my love for sunshine! Glorious, golden, warm sunlight from this angry star 152m kms away from us warms my soul up. Such an irony that the tremendous heat from this star in turmoil is the source of love and life on earth!

When I sit outside, close my eyes and let the sunlight kiss my face, I can imagine the joy birds feel when they fly in the open sky, looking down on the busy mundane chaos of life on land. I want to soar into the potential of life, free of all conformities until the end of time. 

In that moment, I feel most beautiful, as the universe accepts me whole, with all my imperfections, and then I wonder if this is a fleeting sense of elusive contentment. Solitude is so undervalued. I think the more we practice isolation, the more accepting of ourselves and other we become. Who knows, COVID19 might just bring about peace and harmony in our world! 

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I am still trying to work out what I am about, this blog is my journey!

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